Our Team
Stephen MacKnight, Coordinator  
Katie Boucher, Coordinator
Sherry Dumont, Coordinator
Simonds High School
Agar Place Work Room
Janet Hunt, Coordinator Assistant
Kennebecasis Valley High School
I joined the Work Room in July 2016 after several years in education. I have also worked extensively in business and in the music industry. I enjoy working with people and the variety of career experiences I’ve had helps me to empathize and identify with our clients. I look forward to learning new skills and utilizing that knowledge to help our clients make the right choices that fit their needs. I enjoy the nature of New Brunswick, I enjoy learning how to play new musical instruments and you will find me at art openings across southern New Brunswick. 
St. Stephen High School/ Fundy High School/ Ganong Place
Sasha McKenzie, Coordinator Assistant
Simonds High School
Saird Larocque, Coordinator 
Hampton High School/ Sussex Regional High School
Breagh Wadden, Coordinator Assistant
Agar Place
I joined The Work Room in October 2005.  I previously worked with NBCC Saint John in Student Services. I have a diploma in Executive Office Administration.   I really enjoy my job and the people I work with.  It is very rewarding assisting the community and students that come in every day.   I love meeting new people and learning new things on the job.  When I am not working I like to cook and go for walks. 

William MacKnight, Coordinator Assistant
St. Stephen High School/ Fundy High School/ Ganong Place
I joined The Work Room team in August 2021 after working in the non-profit sector for several years. There I gained facilitation skills and a passion for inclusivity. I completed my Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of New Brunswick with majors in Political Science and Psychology while playing varsity soccer as a Seawolf. Prior, I worked at the public library, creating and delivering programming to the Saint John community. I’m a KVHS alumni who is eager to share my motivating spirit and client centered approach with Kennebecasis Valley community. When I’m not in the Kennebecasis Valley High School Work Room you can find me on the soccer field either coaching or playing. 
I joined the Work Room staff in September 2018 as the Ganong Place Work Room Assistant Coordinator. I am three years into my English degree at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton, and I am currently exploring future career options. I have experience in customer service and tourism, and I enjoy working with the public. In this position I find that I am gaining just as much knowledge as I am imparting on others, and I am looking forward to putting this knowledge to good use in the years to come. As far as hobbies go, I love a good TV series, and I have always had a strong passion for gaming in all of its forms. 
I joined The Work Room team in July 2022 after working in libraries, bookstores, and universities for many years. Besides my education in Music and English Literature, I earned a Master of Library and Information Science degree from the University of Alberta. I am excited to bring my creativity and passion for research to The Work Room. Outside of work, I am usually painting, gardening, cooking, reading, or making music!

I joined the Kennebecasis Valley Work Room in February 2022 after working in the private sector for many years in Administrative and Customer Service positions. I also volunteered with teens in the Saint John area, which is one of my true passions. I am happy to draw from this previous experience in my role at The Work Room. I am thrilled to be a part of this welcoming and friendly environment for students and community members on their path to career success. Outside of work, I enjoy painting, photography, kayaking, racing sailboats and exploring trails with my husband on our four-wheeler. 

Theresa Graves, Coordinator Assistant
Simonds High School
I joined the Simonds High Work Room in September 2021 after spending time at home raising my two daughters. Previously, with a Diploma in Executive Office Administration, I worked in Marketing and Office Administration in the private sector. 
I have a passion for helping others and love the opportunity this role provides to help students and adults achieve their career goals. When I am not at work, I enjoy spending my time with my family, gardening, travelling, and exploring the trails on our side by side.
I am glad to re-join The Work Room team; this time based out of Simonds High School as of March 2022. Since my 4 years at The Work Room in Agar Place, I was a Work Services Case Manager for Social Development. Here I helped clients navigate the job search & job maintenance process. These last two years I was the Experiential Learning Coordinator for ASD-S. In this role, I made community connections to link curriculum to real world applications for all grade levels and subject areas. Having personally experienced career changes throughout my life ranging from non-profit to government to education I bring a perspective of choice and flexibility through the career decision making process. I enjoy working with students and adults to empower them to open doors they did not know were there. When not in The Work Room, I can be found outside running, swimming, camping, kayaking, horseback riding, or just spending time with my family and friends.
I joined The Work Room staff in August 2022 as the Agar Place Coordinator Assistant. I have worked in several industries including, retail, marketing, statistics, politics, music, administration, and travel. I look forward to using my diverse experience to help others find their perfect work placements. I am very passionate about helping students and community members achieve their personal and professional goals. Outside of work, you will find me caring for my houseplants, doing furniture flips and antique restoration, reading, hiking, knitting, and making music.